Tunas Cendekia : Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Islam Anak Usia Dini

Jurnal Tunas Cendekia is a journal of early childhood Islamic education study programs at the Palopo State Islamic Religion Institute which collects articles and research about early childhood education and articles in the field of development and potential progress of students.

The Tunas Cendekia Journal is published twice a year in April and October periodically. The Tunas Cendekia Journal is published by the Early Childhood Islamic Education (PIAUD) IAIN Palopo Study Program with ISSN number: 2622-0849

About Tunas Cendekia: Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Islam Anak Usia Dini

  • Country of Publication: Indonesia
  • Publisher: LP2M IAIN Palopo
  • Format: Print & Online
  • ISSN:  2622-0849
  • DOI: -
  • Frequency: Biannual
  • Publication Dates: April & October
  • Advance Access: Yes
  • Scope: Law, Philosophy, Mysticism, History, Art, Theology, and more
  • Article Processing Charges: No
  • Types of Journal: Academic/Scholarly Journals
  • Open Access: Yes
  • Indexed & Abstracted: Yes
  • Policy: Peer-reviewed
  • Review Time: Four Weeks Approximately
  • Copyright: CC-BY-SA
  • Contact & Submission e-mail: tunascendekiajurnal@gmail.com
  • Alternate e-mail: riswan_math_mhs@ianpalopo.ac.id

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Jurnal Tunas Cendekia invites you to send articles with edition Vol. 1, No. 2, October 2018

The scope includes:
1. Learning Media in Early Childhood Islamic Education
2. Learning and Teaching Strategies in Early Childhood Education
3. Teacher Competence in Early Childhood Education
4. Early Childhood Islamic Education Curriculum
5. Multiple intelligence
6. PIAUD Neuroscience
7. PIAUD Anthropobiology
8. Development Methodology of Religious and Moral, Physical Motor, Cognitive, Language, Social Emotional, Art
9. Islamic Education Early childhood
10. Childcare education
11. Early Childhood Health and Nutrition


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Vol 1, No 1 (2018): Tunas Cendekia

Table of Contents


Maita Maita, Subhan Subhan
Nur Rahmah, Lismawati Lismawati
Azria Asis, Rosdianah Rosdianah
Munir Yusuf, Jurniati Jurniati
Eka Poppi Hutami, Samsidar Samsidar
Fauziah Zainuddin, Suriati Suriati