Yunus Yusrini Islamiah Reski(1*)
(1) Cokroaminoto Palopo University
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.24256/ideas.v6i1.17


The objectives of the study are to find out significant correlation between reading interest through the students reading comprehension. In this research, the researcher used quantitative method by Pearson correlation product moment. There are four variables in this research. Students interest as prediction variable and Reading comprehension as criterion variable, the technique of collecting data was by using a questionnaire and test. The questionnaire consists of 20 items and 46 items of reading comprehension. The object of study is 30 students from class D at the third semester. After getting the score of the students interest and reading comprehension, the data were statistically computed to find out the correlation between those variables. From the calculation by using product moment formula, it was found out that the mean scores of the students interest 75.53. The mean of the scores of the students reading comprehension is 5.53. The result of applying the variable rx1y (ro) distribution shows that the coefficient correlation between students interest and reading comprehension is 0.919 or 91.9% means that there was very strong correlation. The degree of significance 5% is 0,000. It means p is smaller than 0.05 (0.05 < 0.000). So, alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted and null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. The conclusion of this research is there is a significant correlation between students interest and their reading comprehension.

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